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Yachts, private aircraft, recreation vehicle drapery hardware and automotive small plastic parts

R. F. May Company - Drapery and Curtain Hardware Systems

RF May graphic: Made in the USAR. F. May Company, located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, manufactures and sells its high quality aluminum and vinyl drapery hardware nationwide. See our full line of drapery and curtain hardware here.

The designs and materials target specifically the following industries:


Private Aircraft - Almost all private aircraft need drapery or curtain hardware from window coverings to storage and service area separations.

Our hardware has long been in demanded by the most discriminating of these aircraft owners.

Boats and Yachts - Our marine customers own or operate everything from small power boats with cabins to large yachts and sailing vessels with all the needs for drapery and curtain systems.  Their pride in their vessel is duplicated by the pride R. F. May takes in providing the highest quality systems available.  Always made in the USA.
Recreational Vehicles - Our RV clients who operate Recreational Vehicles ranging from Class A, B and C Motor homes and 5th wheel campers to teardrop or folding trailers demand top quality for their lifestyle traveling homes.
Home Theaters - All of our clients are not necessarily traveling somewhere but may be sitting in their home theater or screening room watching the latest movies on large screen projection. They might be focused on the movie but you can be sure they want high quality drapery and curtain hardware.
Heavy Duty Trucking - The same demand for quality is required by our OTR (over the road) Heavy Duty trucking industry clients, especially where sleeper cabs are found on these Class 8 vehicles. These clients are looking for durability and functionality in their drapery and curtain needs and demand the type of quality expected in a US made

> See our full line of drapery and curtain hardware here